Crop Kingz hemp wraps, cones, and tubes were created to give smokers an alternative to tobacco products. Our products are crafted to deliver a satisfying experience that is 100% legal and tobacco-free. People choose to smoke legal tobacco alternatives fo ra variety of reasons, however their non-tobacco choices are limited. We want to expand that selection to give smokers a wider variety of tobacco-free alternatives.

We have recently taken steps to ensure that Crop Kingz® papers are now only sold only for use with legal smoking herbs. We believe we have no choice but to refrain from allowing the product to be used with tobacco due to statements made by the FDA. Flavored papers have always been of particular interest to us and our customers because some stronger tasting herbs (such as Passion Flower) are very harsh to smoke. Flavored papers, without actually flavoring the herbs, lend a mellowing effect to those strong tasting herbs and make them more enjoyable to smoke. We sell flavored papers pre-packaged with our own house blends of legal smoking herbs, as well as sell flavored papers in bulk boxes for consumers to be able to purchase for use with their own legal smoking herbal blends. Until and unless a ruling is issued we will continue to refrain from selling flavored rolling papers for use with tobacco and we will take every reasonable precaution to ensure that our flavored papers are not intended to be used or actually used with tobacco.


Therefore we are requesting that all smokers refrain from using Crop Kingz® papers with tobacco. Please do not purchase or use Crop Kingz® papers with tobacco. They are only to be used by adults with legal smoking herbs or blends (so long as that herb or blend is legal and contains no tobacco). Crop Kingz takes the sale of our papers with *only* legal smoking herbs very seriously. If you encounter a store or retail outlet that you think might be selling Crop Kingz with tobacco or tobacco related products please report them anonymously here.

Use / Intent / Sale

No Tobacco Used in this product. Do Not Use with any tobacco or any illegal substance.

Used for legal herbal smoking products only.

NO TOBACCO NO NICOTINE does not mean safer.  This is a smoking product that produces various substances, including carbon dioxide, which can be dangerous to your health.